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In an effort to combat fraud and to help build trust between buyers and sellers alike, is starting a new verified member program
where you can have this verified member logo Verified Member.. proudly displaying on all your listings
and beside all your bids. The benefit of becoming a verified member is both buyer & seller will feel more
confident in the knowledge that the person they are dealing with
has a physical address registered in our system.

"What you do first"

 Make sure your contact details are correct,
You must include your house number & postcode, as this is what we use to check your address.

How to Apply for your " " logo

Send an email  to:
just put your username on the e-mail nothing else.
Once we receive your request, Our staff will check the details you registered at
via your postcode, if the address you registered checks out OK,
your verified member logo will be activated, and you will then be notified by email.

Please Note!

Once your verified member logo is active, you cannot use the
If you do, your verified member logo will be automatically turned off and will no longer display.
You will then have to go through the same process as before to become verified again.

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